What I discover pertaining to the Wireless Myths & Facts

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Today, we’re dwelling in a sophisticated world where almost every apparatus we have can be connected wirelessly. ‘The Internet of Things’, that is how many folks refer to the new era we’re living in, and it really is amazing to see technology already advance this much, even though we’re still at its daybreak. These interconnected apparatus have done nothing but make our lives a lot less inconvenient and being wireless makes our daily simpler to utilize and handle. Wireless connectivity of apparatus have made it impossible to live without them, but there are lots of myths and notions about these devices that I’d like help others determine what to believe and to look into, and what not.

It’s almost impossible to escape from electromagnetic waves created by our wireless devices, unless you live in an exceedingly distant rural area somewhere off our modern civilization. Wi-Fi technology is some thing that is found in almost every house nowadays. As helpful and suitable wireless technology is in our everyday lives, there’s also controversy surrounding it regarding the ill- effects it could have on our health. Many studies are done on wireless transmissions with physicians and scientists questioning the dangerous rates of carcinogenic emitted from the devices. But it seems that none has so far been able to conclude that these wireless transmissions are introducing substantial danger to our body. To be honest, I genuinely love my wireless devices, but I am still a little bit paranoid about this. For now, since I cannot totally be certain about this issue, I will strive keeping my wireless devices some distance away from me when not in use.

A lot of individuals make the wrong assumption that the higher speed always means better with gigabit speed being reached by the new Wi-Fi routers. What many individuals did not realize is the real operation is still determined by the mobile devices that we use. The latest Wi Fi routers support the latest standards which demand the use of multiple antennas for carrying the data, and this is actually the reason why these latest Wi-Fi routers produce such high rates. These are not useful in case your mobile phones or tablets do not have support for the latest standards. Next instance you are looking for a new router, ended up in disappointment and make sure you assess the limitation of your devices rather than simply selecting the quickest router.

Now, there is been a glut of new WiFi able devices which have support for the new 5. 8GHz spectrum alongside with the normal 2. 4GHz spectrum. Lots of folks make the false premise that 5. 8GHz is better than 2. 4GHz and it’s surely better than the 900MHz that was formerly used for mobile phone transmisison. This turns out to be wrong as the it depends on what one defines as better. The leading reason behind summation of the 5. 8GHz spectrum is the over crowdedness of 2. 4GHz, not that it’s better. It’s common to hear folks saying that they find their Wi Fi performance to be better when they switched to 5. 8GHz. The main reason behind this is actually the lesser amount of apparatus and people inhabiting this new frequency band.

According to some individuals, the era of cables is ending. This thought does make sense when you find virtually every device being wirelessly competent. But if you consider it deeper, I consider such doomsday prediction is nowhere close. For an illustration, consider how the usage of Bluetooth technology has really made the wireless audio streaming possible. But even if those devices has rechargeable batteries in them, in the end they still require the use of a cable to recharge their batteries, they still needed wires in some form. There are many reliability problems that need to be addressed before complete wire replacement is not even impossible. It’s just my opinion, but I don’t actually see this happening.


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It’s true that wireless technology is altering the way we interact and carry out our day-to-day actions. Comprehending how some individuals completely misunderstood wireless technology has really been pretty educational for me. Just remember that all of this are simply my private view no matter how intriguing they may be, and I am also nowhere a specialist in¬†wireless¬†technology nor do I pretend to be one. After reading this, hopefully you might have the ability to determine for yourself what you ought to and shouldn’t believe regarding wireless technology myths. I may be inappropriate in some things, I’m not an expert in wireless after all, so when you have any opinions or questions please don’t hesitate to comment away.

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