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I from time to time wonder about various things. I frequently ask myself if I have the freedom to select any city on the planet to reside in, what kind of city would. This consideration is logically made with a foreseeable strategy. What I would do is to google for the most perfect area on earth to reside. Google posseses such an enormous knowledge that it is likened to God by some people. Consequently am definitely looking ahead for a definitive solution. However it turned out that I was not appropriate. The main reason is because the question is not very objective and the answer really depends on the person that you’re asking. If you ask readers of CNN Traveller, you’ll think Florence (a small town in Italy) would be the best city to reside in. But in case you ask the Telegraph, the reply is Melbourne that is the second biggest city in Australia. These variance made with my own list of the best cities to reside in me additionally come up. Here’s a small list of cities which I believe will be best to live in.

Singapore is one of them, and it is a tiny state. It’s so tiny, you will barely notice it on a world map. Singaporeans are even calling themselves the small red dot. As a result, you can envision out how miniature the country is. However, the smallness stops there. Though Singapore is one of the smallest nation on earth, it was named as the wealthiest country on the planet. May be, you might want to find out more about Singapore. Having one of the strongest and most remarkable transport structures, you’re assured you won’t ever get lost when in Singapore. And more impressively, it’s among the best healthcare system in the world.

Chiang Mai is one city that I think will be amazing to reside in. It’s located in Thailand. Lots of individuals understand practically nothing this city probably because it is linked to Bangkok. However, though Chiang Mai is located only beside Bangkok, it has never had the negative issues of traffic jam as it is with Bangkok. The city has quite cuisines that are breathtaking, welcoming the facets that make me quote it among the best cities to remain in to folks and more so quite amazing weather.

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Bruges, in Belgium is a city that one will undoubtedly consider due to its own abundant historical structure . Notoriously referred to as ‘the Venice of the North’, Bruges’ architectural landscape offers rich glimpse into yesteryear. In Bruges, you can still find beautiful architectural building that dates back to as early as 12th century. Personally, I’m interested in history which is my main reason for choosing Bruges. There are many museums and churches you can visit that offer great collection of some unique artwork treats. However, the unwanted weather in Bruge makes it less compelling.

This has been my private record of the best cities to live in. I don’t mean everyone should love and see these cities. I personally know that everybody has feelings and their personal preferences in regards to certain places. It might also be based in the position where you were raised and it may also depend on the type of exposure you might have had of a certain city. If you are living in Europe, you might scarcely have heard of the cities which are located in Asia. On the other hand, those in the USA may also not be aware of great cities in the Middle East so their preferred top cities might just revolve around cities in the USA and maybe Europe. Leave an open mind before you actually experience it yourself and do not develop any stereotypes about any city.


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